Create your Montage!

Family memories of Asia

How many photos have you never printed?


Asia Life Images will create your unique Montage using YOUR images!

All you do is select your favourite photos and we’ll manage the rest!


Our services include:

  • Meeting with you to discuss your layout requirements, get a feel for your available space and to collect / check your image files
  • Re-sizing, applying basic colour corrections and cropping all selected images, making them bold and beautiful
  • Layout – this is done by hand to ensure a good mix of colour and topics across your Montage
  • Emailing a proof of the Final Montage artwork for your approval
  • Professional printing and framing of the approved artwork
  • and then we deliver your Montage to your door!


Standard delivery is 10 working days after receiving  your images (per Montage and depending on the size)

A 50% deposit is required on collection of your images, with the remainder payable on delivery.


If you’d like more information about our Services and to get a quote, please contact us!


More examples of our work…


A range of ready made affordable Mini Montages showcasing 4 Asia inspired images.

We have 4 unique layouts available – each is designed for small spaces and transient lifestyles.

These are not posters – all of our art pieces are professionally printed, framed and delivered, just like our large tailor made artworks!

Contact Us today to order your Mini Montage!Slide-Twelve

Or… let us create your own art piece Montage using YOUR images!
Portrait Examples – all are 60cm x 40cm which is our smallest available size


3 more Landscape for Montage Page

Landscape Examples – 60cm x 40cm


We can create any size artwork from a 60cm x 40cm and a 150cm x 50cm.


100cm x 50cm examples

Montage of Friends BirthdayFamily together in China

150cm x 50cm examples


China life through the years