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Corporate Montage by Asia Life Images

Corporate Montages for Business!

  Corporate Montages are a unique way to showcase your teams great work,   showcasing projects from concept to completion.   A Montage in your office will h     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
August 20, 2016
ALI the fighter

Rest in Peace Muhammad Ali!!!

Rest in peace Muhammad Ali – you are our name sake (A.L.I.), and a true legion / example of determination to be the best in everything we do! We have sadly lost so many amazin     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
June 4, 2016
Montage for a Man

The Man has everything…

What do you give "The Man who has everything"?  Men are so hard to buy for and socks just don't cut it these days. How about the surprise of his life! Our customer recently     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
March 3, 2016
Hat Montage

A Hat for any occasion!

This month we were commissioned to create a Portfolio Montage for renowned milliner Elisabeth Koch, showcasing her amazing hat designs! There were so many fabulous styles we cou     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
March 3, 2016
Mother's Day UK

Mother’s Day is here!

It's Mother's Day again on Sunday March 6th for all the UK families! So get your unique Greeting Card for Mum from Asia Life Images. We have a range of cards that describe al     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
February 27, 2016

A Bazaar time of year!

It's that time of year when all the Christmas Bazaars launch so you can buy that perfect gift for someone special!  Come & say hi at these Christmas Bazaars in Beijing! We'     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
November 13, 2015
Wet weather Montaging ideas

DIY 3D Montage ideas for at Home

Here are a few great DIY Montage idea for you & the Kids to do on a wet day! Boys can create their Montage with toy cars or bottle tops! Girls can use buttons & colou     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
June 11, 2015
End of School Celebrations

Graduation & milestones

Graduation is one of many big milestone for so our Kids! Have you found a unique & memorable gift to celebrate the occasion at the end of their graduation year? How about     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
June 6, 2015

How to pick a Montage theme?

How do you pick a theme for your Montage? There are the kids growing up, family, trips, celebrations & events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, farewells or just grea     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
June 3, 2015

China National Children’s Day

Today is National Children's Day in China!  A day to celebrate the diverse range of kids growing up in China. Some Children don't have the same opportunities as others in the w     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
June 1, 2015

Queen’s Birthday celebration

This weekend New Zealand celebrates the Queen's Birthday long weekend. Other Commonwealth countries celebrate this occasion at different times of the year... Regardless of wh     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
May 30, 2015
Different layout options

Montages of the Kids

Give Mum the gift of great memories with a wonderful Montage of the kids using her photos? There are so many layout options for your Montage; Small images, large images, varying     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
May 28, 2015

American Ball Beijing & Asia Life Images

The American Ball event on Saturday night was spectacular! Congratulations to the Chen family who successfully bid for our Montage Services in the Silent Auction! We are so plea     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
May 25, 2015
Colour choice inspiration

More Inspiration for your Montage

Black & White, Sepia, Colour or a combination? Here's some inspiration to help decide. ALI can convert your shots so don't feel limited by the formats you currently have.     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
May 22, 2015

Page One now stocks ALI Greeting Cards

Asia Life Images is proud to announce that our Greeting Cards & Gift Tags are now available at all Page One Bookstores across Beijing! Page One offers single cards for purchas     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
May 20, 2015
Family memories of Asia

Holiday Trips Montage

Here's a huge Montage we created for a Customer - 150cm x 50cm (including framing). They wanted to capture all the trips they enjoyed while living in Asia! It was a really fun     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
May 15, 2015
Bold Montages Featured

Go Big or Go Home!

Well maybe not too big... Here are some inspiration shots to give you ideas on size, colour combinations, layouts etc.... How will your final Montage Artwork look?  Contact     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
May 11, 2015
Mother's Day cuteness

Happy Mother’s Day

We hope all the Mum's "Downunder" have a wonderful Mother's day!!! Where would we be without them? From Asia Life Images - turning Memories into Montages     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
May 10, 2015
Postcards can be included in your Montage

How many postcards have you kept?

Keep your favourite postcards & greeting cards - we can include them (as scanned images) in your Montage so don't throw them away! That goes for the kids amazing artwork too     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
May 6, 2015
Returning Solders Remembrance

Anzac Day – Lest we forget

Today is ANZAC Day when we remember the many men & women (including my Grandad) who left their families behind & put their lives on the line to defend our freedom. Most     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
April 25, 2015
Save Water, Plant a Tree

Act Green on Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. A day to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment. Every small action helps to protect our amazing planet, so please "Act Green" t     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
April 22, 2015
Shunyi Corporate Montages

Clicia’s Designs Shunyi Montages

We're really proud to showcase 3 corporate Montages we created for Clicia's Designs in Shunyi! Pop into their Shunyi store to see some amazing gems, stunning tailor-made jewelle     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
April 12, 2015
Adventure Photo Tips by Nat Geo

How to take great Adventure Photos

Perfecting the art of taking good photos is more than a little tricky... Whether it's snaps at home or amazing adventure photos, every image is special to someone in some way -     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
April 6, 2015
A big Birthday gets a Montage Gift

Celebrate a big Birthday with a Montage

Here's a great Montage that we created for a 65th Birthday. The family wanted to showcase their Mum's life experiences through the years from when she was a young girl, to becom     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
March 27, 2015
Montage Range

Turning your Photos into your Montage of Memories

How many Photos do you never print? Asia Life Images Turn your photo memories into your Montage. Let us create your unique art piece of memories showcasing the family growing     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
March 17, 2015
Maxium size Montage

Gift Vouchers now available

You can now buy a "Montage Gift Voucher" for someone special so they can take their time in selecting their most favourite photos to be included in their Montage. Contact us tod     read more..

By: Asia Life Images
March 4, 2015